4 Pics 1 Word Answers 8 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats for 8 Letter words of the popular game for iOS and Android by developer LOTUM GmbH. Having trouble beating a level of 4 Pics 1 Word with 8 letters in the answer? This page has all the 4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word level 1-1 8 Letters

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  • Kids Jumping
  • Kids Drawing
  • Children in classroom
  • Kids playing
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-2 8 Letters

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  • Hammer
  • Power strip with a bunch of plugs and cords
  • Little girl making a mess
  • A lot of traffic signs
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-3 8 Letters

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  • Girl holding box gift with red bow
  • Red telephone
  • Black cable box
  • Football player
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-4 8 Letters

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  • Green sign with people and arrows
  • Man putting together something
  • Car factory
  • Team in a huddle
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-5 8 Letters

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  • Man deciding between devil and angel
  • Girl thinking on blackboard
  • Army military
  • Cartoon arguing
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-6 8 Letters

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  • Thumbs down
  • Urine cup
  • Girl with hand on forehead
  • Film strip
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-7 8 Letters

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  • Color meter with squares and boxes of different colors
  • Person in pink pointing
  • Car light indicators
  • Back lights and head lights of cars
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-8 8 Letters

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  • Girl in red leather on top of man
  • Horses
  • Running past the finish line
  • Woman sitting on man
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-9 8 Letters

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  • Red carpet
  • Red gown dress
  • Chalk board and clapping hands
  • Microphones and red tie
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-10 8 Letters

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  • Hyena animal
  • People looking through pile of trash
  • Dumpster
  • Junk yard
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-11 8 Letters

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  • Red sneakers shoes
  • People communicating through metal cans
  • Couple talking in white
  • Girl with braided hair on the phone
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-12 8 Letters

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  • meditation statue
  • meditation statue face
  • woman meditating
  • hands in meditation
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-13 8 Letters

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  • people on vacation
  • people skiing
  • man on cliff
  • guy looking at map
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-14 8 Letters

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  • four aces
  • roulette
  • slots
  • man in Vegas
4 Pics 1 Word level 1-15 8 Letters

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  • geometric shapes
  • protractor
  • shapes
  • squares and triangle


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    • By JSG on

      If you need an answer, describe all 4 pics and give the scrambled letters you have for making up the 8-letter word. Level numbers mean nothing.

  1. By Greg Banks on

    a sleeping baby, a womans face with diamonds near eye, binary codes, formal place setting

    • By JSG on

      Based on that limited info, I’d try precious. It would help to know what letters there are to use from.

  2. By Lynn Sye on

    Guy in ski cap giving the ok sign
    Girl with two thumbs up
    person holding up a sign that says YES on it
    check marks on a test paper with the pen lying next to it.
    8 letters

  3. By Aida L. Gonzalez on

    level 327 8 letters wedding rings, wedding reception table, flower lily, bride with heart pillow

    • By JSG on

      Aida, if you say which letters you can use to make your 8-Letter word you will probably get a solution back very quickly. Otherwise keep checking around other solver sites and ignore the levels (they are just random) but skim through all the 8-letter solutions.

  4. By tee jai on

    level 11 8 letter word 1. a couple with noses together 2. a woman with her head on a towel and hands on her head 3. a woman kissing a girl on her head 4. a woman shocked putting her hand on her forhead

    please help me

  5. By rick on

    need help 8 letter word four pics r two people talkin with chat bubble over head, several people with chat bubble over hear all connected with dotted line, guy and girl talking, and guy sceaming at girl through megaphone

  6. By MarthaAnn Kelley on

    empty white containers, clothes packed behind barbed wire, a woman having hot rocks put on her back, woman rubbing lotion into her hands;
    8 letters

  7. By JESS on

    Please help me
    Girl with many shoeses
    Greeting cards
    A child girl with a basket that picking something
    the last one i think its a old m9ney in other country

  8. By MarthaAnn Kelley on

    here again pictures are hopeless looks like one statue piece-head; rest are clueless peeling house paint, black and white map, ??
    8 letter word letters are fehuricatr