RedSpell Level 450

What’s The Word answers, cheats, and hints to the theme pack of this photo word game by RedSpell for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. If you are stuck on a level of this addicting app, you can find a guide of all the answers with images for Whats the Word by RedSpell. Guess the word that each of the 4 pictures on your screen have in common together. Need help beating all 400 + levels of What’s the Word, including updated theme packs – liquids, chemical elements, occupations, food and cooking, and US states and cities? We are here to help with the latest version of these Whats the Word Answers.

Blue waves , Metal cross , Clear pick, Bright green, blue, yellow and pink, whats the word answers, redspell, liquids

Image Descriptions

  • Blue waves
  • Metal cross
  • Clear pick
  • Bright green, blue, yellow and pink

Answer: Neon

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