4 Pics 1 Word Answers 8 letters

4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats to all levels with 8 letters.


The answer is: Children The answer is: Overkill The answer is: Receiver
  • Kids Jumping
  • Kids Drawing
  • Children in classroom
  • Kids playing
  • Hammer
  • Power strip with a bunch of plugs and cords
  • Little girl making a mess
  • A lot of traffic signs
  • Girl holding box gift with red bow
  • Red telephone
  • Black cable box
  • Football player
The answer is: Assemble The answer is: Conflict The answer is: Negative
  • Green sign with people and arrows
  • Man putting together something
  • Car factory
  • Team in a huddle
  • Man deciding between devil and angel
  • Girl thinking on blackboard
  • Army military
  • Cartoon arguing
  • Thumbs down
  • Urine cup
  • Girl with hand on forehead
  • Film strip


The answer is: Indicate The answer is: Dominate The answer is: Premiere
  • Color meter with squares and boxes of different colors
  • Person in pink pointing
  • Car light indicators
  • Back lights and head lights of cars
  • Girl in red leather on top of man
  • Horses
  • Running past the finish line
  • Woman sitting on man
  • Red carpet
  • Red gown dress
  • Chalk board and clapping hands
  • Microphones and red tie
The answer is: Scavenge The answer is: Converse The answer is: Meditate
  • Hyena animal
  • People looking through pile of trash
  • Dumpster
  • Junk yard
  • Red sneakers shoes
  • People communicating through metal cans
  • Couple talking in white
  • Girl with braided hair on the phone
  • meditation statue
  • meditation statue face
  • woman meditating
  • hands in meditation
The answer is: Vacation The answer is: Gambling The answer is: Geometry
  • people on vacation
  • people skiing
  • man on cliff
  • guy looking at map
  • four aces
  • roulette
  • slots
  • man in Vegas
  • geometric shapes
  • protractor
  • shapes
  • squares and triangle


  • Ilona

    A Red Phone, a Finger dialling on a black phone, a “radio”, a boy playing sport – 8 Letter, start with R (PLEASE HELP)

    • JSG

      Receiver? If “sport” is American football and not ping pong or baseball…

  • Tom J. Aguilar

    help me im stock in lvl 14 this are the letter L-A-S-L-G-A-B-Z-B-G-E-W it has 8 letter.

    • JSG

      That looks like BASEBALL.

  • Ruben

    Please tell me this one.

    1. 4 people holding hands
    2. Boy holding a football, he’s tolking to 4 other kids.
    3. A women training and a men helping her.
    4. A female teacher helping a little boy.

    It’s 8 letters and the second is an O

    • JSG


  • Guest

    HELP!!! level 2063, eight letters, group of people with hands in circle, woman doing setups, soccer coach talking to team, and teacher helping little girl.

  • Niecey Love BeinReal Scurlock

    A red phone, radio, a football player, and finger dailing on a black office phone. Letters are c i n c v r e k e e e r e c l c q

  • Jeziah Mackenzie Ravenhearst L

    8 Letters:

    N R M L V T R R A A C I

    Some drums with people pounding it using their hands
    A mask
    A girl wearing a color blue costume
    People wearing white with their hands are pounding drums

    • JSG


  • amna

    a lady teaching a boy
    a men teaching some boys
    some hands on each other
    a man doing excercise

    • JSG

      Probably motivate too.

  • Anonymous

    Starts with O. 8 Letters.
    Letters are D I A L S N U I G T E

    Pictures are
    A man writing goals on a board
    A child drawing around their hand
    Someone drawing a heart in the sand
    Someone drawing a house

    • JSG


  • mohamad

    volcano desert waves and clouds

  • syeda amena masroor

    Chocolate cake. Wine in bottle n glasses
    Chocolate cake piece, some chocolate bake dessert

    • JSG

      Many 8-letter answers make sense. You’ll need to give the available letter choices first to help narrow things down.

  • syeda amena masroor

    Chocolate cake piece, chocolate pastry, chocolate frozen dessert, wine in wine glasses n bottle

    • JSG

      Which letters do you have? Example: MSENTLEBGRUE = Elements in an 8-letters puzzle.

  • http://www.tankinlian.com Kin Lian Tan

    This web app gives you all the possible words that can be formed from the given letters. You can choose the word that fit the pictures.

    • JSG

      Dude, why are you spam-posting your links on this site? One post is enough and people will find it by search engines. No need to blow up everyone’s inbox with notifications for your identical spam postings. Not cool!

  • Nadea

    I can not past level 24 or 23

    • JSG

      Try searching for the hints by number of letters in the answer – 5 letters or whatever – you might find the same pics. If you want help, just post the complete info in a comment and people will help.

  • Yåsh Nå

    start with a

    • JSG

      Assemble is your answer.