4 Pics 1 Word Answers 8 letters Pt 5

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The answer is: Romantic The answer is: Dispense The answer is: Military
  • A beach with two hearts drawn in the sand
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Two people staring at the beach looking at the sunset
  • A drawing of a historical figure
  • A person’s hand touching a grey machine
  • A candy ball machine
  • A container with a blue liquid inside of it
  • A person’s finger touching a keypad
  • A gold and silver medal
  • A person in green shooting a gun
  • A woman wearing a green outfit with a red hat
  • A bunch of people in green standing next to each other with their hands behind their back
The answer is: Japanese The answer is: Confused The answer is: Scottish
  • A symbol
  • green house surrounded by a pond and trees with a red awning
  • Sushi being held up by chopsticks
  • A city with a mountain in the background
  • A man in a suit reading a book scratching his head next to a pile of books
  • A person holding an umbrella with Question Marks falling from the sky
  • A person with glasses scratching his head
  • A Person holding a computer with wires around their body
  • A drawing of a green field with a blue background and white objects in the sky
  • A castle surrounded by water
  • A plaid piece of cloth
  • Two animals standing next to teach other in the snow with a fence behind them

The answer is: Waitress The answer is: Spectrum The answer is: Election
  • A woman in a black tuxedo holding a tray
  • A woman holding two drinks in a tray
  • A woman talking to people at a table
  • A woman holding up an empty tray
  • A silver object beaming out different colors
  • A variety of different colored apples
  • A circle with all the colors mixed together
  • An animal blended in with different colors all over
  • A box with an envelope going inside of it
  • A sign that reads “Vote”
  • Four cubes in different colors with an object on them
  • A pie chart with four different colors on it
The answer is: Coverage The answer is: Assembly The answer is: Pedigree
  • Three people sitting on the couch with their arms raised
  • A woman holding a microphone
  • A bed with pillows and sheets on them
  • A newspaper
  • A group of people close together at a desk
  • A person building something
  • People installing solar pannels
  • A bunch of screws and bolts and wood on top of a piece of paper
  • A black horse in the field
  • A dog next to cats
  • A family tree photo
  • A red award
The answer is: Transmit The answer is: Disguise The answer is: Solution
  • A satelite above Earth
  • A brown building with a satelite dish
  • A radio
  • A sign with a bug on it and red mark going through it
  • An insect on a leaf
  • A bunch of red and black faces
  • A dog with a long whig on it
  • A person wearing military paint on their face
  • A chemical glass with different liquids inside of it
  • A gird with different numbers inside of the boxes
  • A blue paper with numbers on it a pair of glasses and gold pen
  • A Zebra

  • Anonymous

    Knight sharks tightrope

    • JSG


  • Mae

    help please?
    it has One Girl in a dress
    Two butterflies
    and one pic. of a man in grayish color
    the letters are
    V O M R J C G N Q H Z A
    It has seven letters ://

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Claire

    I have a pic of fire
    a plane
    a beetle
    and a cartoon bug
    letters I have if F I U F S H L E J I R F L E

    • Anonymous

      try fireflies

  • Who

    I have a guy in handcuffs
    Computer and iPhone with wifi sign
    Credit card in a slit
    Blue bus sign
    What is it? Plz tell me.

    • Dan

      Try transfer

  • rhenziae

    help me
    awoman sitting at the back of a guy
    image almost on the finish line
    horse raise
    woman pulling the necktie of a guy laying down
    d,d,i,o,u,q,n,n,m,c,s 8 ltters

    • JSG

      Pics are for Dominate.

  • Anonymous

    Please help!
    1. A bundle of electric wires
    2. Trees
    3. A bundle of rope
    4. Dry grass

    • JSG

      Does DISTANCE work?

  • Anonymous

    It has
    A girl with tooth paste
    hammer on egg
    electric wires
    Driving sings

    • LittleBerry


  • Anonymous

    Letters : rllnvkdiesuo

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  • Carla Espada

    i have a sliced ginger
    sushi rolls
    3 persons talking

    letters IGQHOE

    • JSG

      Just 6 letters though – GINGER.