4 Pics 1 Word Answers 5 letters Pt 16

All answers, cheats, and help to 4 Pics 1 Word photo game by LOTUM GmbH for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Click on the images below to find hints and answers to 4 Pics 1 Word 5 letters Pt 16

The answer is: Drive The answer is: Panic The answer is: Wiper
  • Hammer tools
  • Golf car driver
  • Steering wheel
  • Car engine electrical cords
  • Couple in bed with alarm clock
  • Red haired girl jumping on chair
  • Man stressed at work in-between piles of paper
  • Girl in red dress yelling
  • Windshield wipers on a car in the rain
  • A black windshield wipper
  • A black windshield wipper on a red car
  • A yellow wash-cloth on a red car’s hood
The answer is: Drone The answer is: Drama The answer is: Knock
  • A bunch of animals on a piece of wood
  • An object flying in the sky
  • A bee on a plant
  • A child flying a toy airplane
  • Two black and white facemasks with one smiling and one frowning
  • People performing in costumes
  • People performing on stage
  • A stage with a red curtan
  • A boxer with white gloves lying on the ground
  • A boxer standing over another boxer lying down
  • A woman standing in front of a door
  • A red bowling ball hitting a bunch of white pins

The answer is: Greed The answer is: Caper The answer is: Tenor
  • A baby stuffing their face
  • A woman stuffing her face with pasta
  • A man with dollar sign glasses
  • A man stuffing his face with a lot of food
  • Two children making faces at each other
  • A group of people in gym outfits
  • A man with a red nose and small hat on
  • Food with green items around it
  • A man with his arms out in a tuxedo
  • Three instruments lying against the wall
  • Binouclars
  • A statue of a man
The answer is: Worry The answer is: Snail The answer is: Scrub
  • An older woman with her hands on her head
  • A woman with her hands over her face
  • Two women with anxious faces
  • A person with their hands on their head in front of a computer with words around them
  • An animal that is sliding across the floor
  • A cartoon animal with a purple shell
  • An animal with its head raised
  • A cartoon animal on green grass
  • A basket with hygene products in it
  • A person in a hospital outfit
  • A green cream
  • A person cleaning the floors with a mop
The answer is: Clown The answer is: Orbit The answer is: Floss
  • A person with white makeup and big red hair and a red nose
  • A person in a yellow outfit
  • A person with different colored hair
  • A person wearing different colors all over
  • The earth with a satelite flying over it
  • A glass eye ball
  • The earth with circles going around it
  • The Solar System
  • A red piece of string
  • A person with their hands in the sink
  • A piece of string next to a toothbrush
  • A woman cleaning her teeth

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  • Katie777888

    Help I’m stuck there’s a mouse trap on one of the pictures plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • http://4pics Snehika


  • http://4pics1word-answers.com Anon

    A man sleeping in a train, a man giving a speech, heart in the sand and heart made by the hands in the horizon. Help?

  • Anonymous

    Hi xxxx

  • http://gfdgdgdsg Anonymous

    a girl with a mug a cup of tea field of sunflower sunflower with a bee what is the answer????//

    • givanchy morata

      honey is the answer

  • Bethany

    Hi good 4 pics 1 word

  • Anonymous

    Bsuhshf. Cd df,v.

  • brenda

    Help with 5 letter word with green tree and green leaf

    • JSG

      It might be BIRCH but you didn’t give the available letters to use.

  • brenda

    I have been fooling with this for too long really got me stumped

  • jane

    children with soccer ball, bride in white dress and pink background, speaker (to teacher), and train

    • JSG

      Was it TRAIN?

  • Alisha Owusu

    any one know which 1 this is?
    Theres two couples in each of the pictures and they r dancing together

    • JSG

      What letters?

  • Jessalyn Massey

    Need help on level 229.

    • JSG

      outerSPACE; SPACEbar; SPACE around red guy; lots of empty parking SPACE(s)