4 Pics 1 Word Answers 5 letters Pt 12

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The answer is: Sting The answer is: Blend
  • A person getting a shot
  • A plant with pointy objects on the side
  • A fish in the water with a long tail
  • A mosquito
  • A person’s hand touching a machine
  • A machine with orange objects inside of it
  • An animal on a tree branch
  • A painter’s board with a variety of colors on it
The answer is: Draft The answer is: Queen
  • A page out of a cartoon
  • A glass of beer
  • A role of papers next to each other
  • A bunch of people figures in black with one being red and a hand pointing down at it
  • A bee with a crown and stick
  • A person in a gold dress and red around them
  • A cartoon figure in a dress with red hair and red hearts on her dress
  • A white Chess piece knocking over a black Chess piece


The answer is: Staff The answer is: Exact
  • A doctor surrounded by people around him
  • A group of people next to each other with headphones on in front of computers
  • A black stick next to a bagel wall with a handle bar
  • A gold stick with a red object at the top
  • A person cutting grass
  • A person holding a stop-watch
  • A person putting something away
  • A red target with a red dart on it
The answer is: Whole The answer is: Giant
  • A pile of wheat
  • A percentage sign
  • A husband and wife cutting a cake
  • A carton of milk
  • A person stomping on a smaller person
  • A smaller person in a suit next to a taller person’s leg
  • A tall person playing basketball
  • A big shark in the water
The answer is: Spain The answer is: Equal
  • A woman in a red dress
  • A plate with black and green food on it and fire flames in the background
  • A bottle of wine with a glass of red wine next to it
  • A person with a red cape playing with a bull
  • six hands sticking out with different fingers pointing
  • A group of yellow and blue people icons holding hands
  • A black rock balancing a piece of wood with two objects on it
  • A math problem on a black chalkboard
The answer is: Young The answer is: Level
  • A white container with cream inside of it
  • A group of little birds
  • Two little animals
  • Two little children next to each other and one whispering to the other
  • A pyramid with different colors
  • A greyish picture with tall buildings
  • Tetris blocks
  • A piece of a ruler
The answer is: Queue The answer is: Climb
  • Sheets of paper coming out of a printer
  • A woman sitting at a desk with a headset on
  • A group of people standing close to one another
  • A line of cars in traffic
  • An airplane in the air over the runway
  • A person climbing up a wall
  • A person walking up stairs
  • A person climbing a ladder
The answer is: Timer
  • An egg shaped device with numbers on it
  • A black watch
  • A person holding a clock
  • An hour glass



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  4. im stuck on something level 142

  5. Level 46

  6. This is so hard

  7. Level 463

  8. level 489

  9. Lucretia McAlpine says:

    I need some help ive been trying to solve this for a week…..letters are W,U,T,L,L,Q,N,C,K,M,H,E,….5 LETTERS AND IT ENDS IN E

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    what is this word pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

  11. Well I need help with these things that look like camels but they aren’t. I can’t spell the word. It’s like llama. Is that it:-)

    • If you still need an answer, post a reply to this one with full details of letters you have to use and spaces and describe EACH pic as best you can.