4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 556-570

All answers, cheats, and help to 4 Pics 1 Word photo game by LOTUM GmbH for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Click on the images below to find hints and answers to 4 Pics 1 Word level 556-570.

4pics1word answers cheats level ExerciseThe answer is: Exercise 4pics1word answers cheats level ConcealThe answer is: Conceal 4pics1word answers cheats level EncloseThe answer is: Enclose
  • Girl working out doing sit ups on a ball
  • Kids in math class
  • Women stretching and working out
  • Army soldiers
  • A person wearing black and green paint
  • A child covering their eyes
  • A person pulling a card out of their sleeve
  • Three dark markers with badge tops
  • A bunch of dogs inside of a cage
  • An envelope with a letter inside of it
  • A red cartoon barn with a fence and green grass
  • A cartoon bird inside of a cage
4pics1word answers cheats level WeddingThe answer is: Wedding 4pics1word answers cheats level BalloonThe answer is: Balloon 4pics1word answers cheats level CalendarThe answer is: Calendar
  • White flowers in a bunch
  • A black top-hat
  • A three-tiered cake
  • Two gold rings
  • A hot air balloon in the clouds
  • A bunch of colorful balloons
  • Two heart shaped balloons
  • A yellow and red animal-shaped balloon
  • A person writing something in a notepad
  • A red circular object with animals and Chinese symbols on them
  • Sheets of white paper with black and red numbers on them
  • A circular object

4pics1word answers cheats level FlowerThe answer is: Flower 4pics1word answers cheats level ConsoleThe answer is: Console 4pics1word answers cheats level EnergyThe answer is: Energy
  • A landscape shot of grass and mountains
  • A single red rose
  • A woman with her face to a bunch of flowers
  • An orange watering pot with flowers in it
  • A table with a bunch of grey nobs on it
  • A wooden piano table with different levels
  • Two blue figures in suits hugging each other
  • A person playing a video game
  • A person getting a facial massage
  • A white windmill
  • A chalkboard with an equation on it
  • Children playing in the park
4pics1word answers cheats level DefenseThe answer is: Defense 4pics1word answers cheats level UnisonThe answer is: Unison 4pics1word answers cheats level ChemicalThe answer is: Chemical
  • A person sticking their hand out and wearing a black robe
  • Football players staying close together
  • A bottle of Pepper Spray
  • Men carrying guns and wearing red coats with fur on the top
  • A man and a woman embracing each other
  • A black and white photo of two men singing
  • Two of the exact same clocks but different colors
  • Two people shaking hands
  • A tube pouring liquid into different containers
  • A bunch of chemistry containers holding different colored liquids
  • A yellow Hazard sign
  • Small and big blue-bubbles connecting
4pics1word answers cheats level BurnThe answer is: Burn 4pics1word answers cheats level HornThe answer is: Horn 4pics1word answers cheats level ChannelThe answer is: Channel
  • A red-figured man and woman in their undergarments
  • A yellow sign with a flame on it
  • A flame on the beach
  • A piece of toast
  • Deer antlers
  • A silver object with a black bottom
  • A gold instrument
  • A Rhino
  • A DJ table
  • Someone pressing a remote
  • A lake with rocks and trees
  • A dark area with a white line on the side and someone standing at the bottom

  • bubby

    Hi i’m stuck on a four letter word and the pictures are:
    an eagle flying
    a bar graph
    a group of helicopters in the sky
    and someone paragliding.
    the letters are L F J X S L O R M A S N.

    • Chris

      I haven’t seent this one, but from what you described, my guess is SOAR.
      The bar graph is going up, I assume?

    • dilah

      The answer is soar

    • Amber


    • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    British flag
    Blue fla with circle if yellow stars
    Wedding fingers

  • Anonymous

    sunn of a bum

  • Anonymous

    Stuck level 598 aT 6 letters. A dog picket fence map of america

  • Breda Eustace

    Six letters 598 a dog i picket fence map