4 Pics 1 Word Answers 4 letters Pt 2

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The answer is: Soft The answer is: Push The answer is: Rope
  • Fur hat
  • Woman with soft skin
  • Brown stuffed animal
  • Woman in bath robe
  • Man pointing
  • Push ups
  • Gym, Exercise machine
  • Child pushing toy, playground
  • Jump rope
  • Child playing jump rope
  • Construction Rope
  • Climbing rope


The answer is: Palm The answer is: High The answer is: Tear
  • Hammock on beach
  • Palm Trees
  • Palm of hand
  • Open faced hand
  • Man on rooftop
  • Skyscrapers
  • Rollercoasters
  • Mountain tops
  • Child crying
  • Torn paper
  • Torn rope, broken rope
  • Crack in the ground
The answer is: Fast The answer is: Fair The answer is: Star
  • Fast car
  • MPH
  • Runners, Race
  • Cheetah
  • Scale of justice
  • Ferris wheel
  • Court room, gavel
  • Fair ground
  • Gold Stars
  • Stars in the night sky
  • Red Carpet
  • VIP
The answer is: Play The answer is: Bass The answer is: Park
  • Child playing dress up
  • Soccer player
  • Comedic act, masks
  • Electric guitar player
  • Bass note
  • Bass player, cello
  • Instruments
  • Fish
  • Park
  • Woman in car
  • Park way, driveway
  • Parking lot
The answer is: Rich The answer is: Sour The answer is: Long
  • Bag of money
  • Gold Stars
  • Nice house, glass house
  • Luxury car
  • Lemon
  • Child eating lemon
  • Red cherries
  • Sour cream on baked potato
  • Woman with long legs, Stretching
  • Giraffe
  • Highway traffic
  • Long nails, Fake nail



  1. Swings,( carnival ride),jouster, gavel, lady with eyes closed

  2. Help its 4 words
    A hand flipping a coin
    A road
    A large number two
    I dont know what is the fourth one called

  3. #Like

  4. Help with level 87. Sack full of money, gold stars, luxury gold car and glass house. 4 letter word.

  5. put , set , putting puzzle , listening music by little altropanants

  6. koala bear, chain saw, woman @ airport, man in hammock

  7. Lady on a rope, ice, sky and clouds… 4 letters… any ideas

    • POLE
      -pole dancer = woman on a pole
      -Earth’s pole(s) = North & South Poles (the ice)
      -flag poles (not the sky & clouds)

  8. AINAH ROSE says:

    Help Please ?

    - girl reading book, look like witch.

    -frog with crown

    - Doll made of stitch

    - Alphabet

    P L J N T L J F E S O K

  9. a man no hair
    a women no hair

  10. thatabramswoman says:

    4letter pic stacked firewood covered in snow, laptop with cup of coffee in front of it, water tank in background and 2 valves in front, green tanker train.
    when you answer could you please tell me where you got the info. I’d really like to do this for myself.I tried various sites I can’t find the pics in my game.

    • FUEL – firewood and oil tank(ers) plus coffee as “brain fuel” while working? I found a site where three of these four pics seem to match up with your descriptions. I think most people who supply answers on this or similar sites are just going by memory of having a certain puzzle earlier themselves or just by having read the solution here. (I subscribe by Disqus where a site happens to use it for comments.) I don’t happen to personally own a phone to play these games myself and I refuse to register to Facebook just to download a game so I just play along by helping others guess correct solutions to their puzzles.

      I have a couple of similar cheat/walkthrough sites like this one bookmarked and they are handy for looking at pics to see if it sparks an answer in my mind. If people supply their available scrambled letters, then I can also, if needed, use an online anagram Scrabble-type word generator (just Google – there are tons) that spits out a list of possible English words. I didn’t need to do that for yours so I just pulled up a picture to confirm to myself. I guess this version below shows a different 4th pic of an empty fireplace.

      By the way, you may not find the exact pics from your own game as each site seems to just post pics from whatever installed app version that site owner happened to use. Unfortunately too, the sites tend to design their answer pages by “level numbers” which is totally useless to other people. Each picture set can look quite different for the same basic puzzle depending on which device is running the game. There are also dozens of nearly copycat versions of the game.

      • thatabramswoman says:

        thanks bunches for your help n for your suggestions. the scrabble word generator is fantastic. all I need. I wasn’t very good at this game because about every 4 or 5 pics I’d get stumped n then I’d be at a standstill for days. with the scrabble word generator I can get these much faster than looking for pics. I could never find them anyway. I always had to ask. you’ve been great. so appreciate your help!!!!!

  11. Cliffa Fernandes says:

    need HELP ..
    2 gears , sum of 1+ 1 = 2, 2 trucks and one rod with numbers

  12. please help for level 3

  13. Help on this one level 2064

    • VIEW
      -a young couple viewing a home with female (real) estate agent.
      -white room with 2-corner glass view of shore and mountains.
      -a hiker with arms wide enjoying a bright sunny outdoor view.
      -a blue “Comment” bubble where you’d type a point of view.

  14. what is this ! help me guys !

  15. I love this game so much